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Edward Prynn


A blast at the quarry for my first standing stone was made in 1983.  The stone was called the Peacemaker and represents man and is situated in the centre of the circle.  It weighed 75 tonnes and measured 36ft long.  The idea was to put 6ft in the ground and have 30ft standing but when they moved the stone it broke so the quarry manager sculptured the stone circle from the broken pieces.  The stone circle took 8 hours to build and stands tall and proud for all to see.  The tallest stone is called Marion and stands 14ft out of the ground.  The circle has 7 outer stones named after the ladies in my life.  There isn't many writers, past or present, that would ever doubt for one moment that the stone circle was a fertility right.  Modern day druids including myself have spent many hours out in the stone circle dancing and I must admit that it makes us feel very romantic and very happy!


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