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Edward Prynn


Edward Christopher Hambly Prynn was born on  25 September 1936 in a tiny village called St.Merryn near the popular fishing port of Padstow which is situated on the North coast of Cornwall, England.


At the age of 9 he had his first mystic encounter and thereafter became drawn by the power of standing stones.  Little did he know that at the age of 42 he would begin building his own stone henge.


At the age of 32 tragedy struck when working as a digger driver in a quarry he was blinded in his left eye by a piece of steel.  Already partially sighted in his right eye from an earlier accident this would change his life forever.


He started to put the stones in his garden in 1982 and the last stone was put in 2011.  Since he has had the stones his mystic knowledge has become very valuable to him, but there are no secrets here and if you visit the stones he will tell you all the knowledge he has learnt over the years.


He has also written 3 books called A Boy in Hobnailed Boots, No Problem and Mystic Love which are all about his life.


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